Data-Retriever v3.0 ('Hi/Lo') Released! 08 Jul '08

Version 3.0 of the leXso Data-Retriever is now available! Apologies to any users who haven't received a reply to emails over the last 6 months - technical difficulties with web hosting!

Click here for more information about the software, or download it to trial/update your copy.





What is the leXso ‘Trader-Bot’?

This product is currently in development.

The leXso Trader-Bot is high quality trading software with a user-friendly and sleek UI for the Betfair Exchange Games. As well as providing basic functionality such as betting, trading/hedging, test mode etc; it will provide complex and customisable triggers/rules that can be set to run your own 'Bot'.

Using the Betfair API, The software will not require you to be browsing the Betfair/Betfair games website at the same time.

The User Interface

If you look at the Screenshots, you'll notice the majority of options and features are accessed via buttons with identifiable logos, minimising the need for text and a cluttered screen.

Q: The reason? A: I find a lot of existing 'Bot' applications feel cluttered, with scrolling and general layout-nastiness occuring. The Trader-Bot provides a clean look, with easy access to every option, and I hope you find it user friendly! As an example, you'll notice that all of the markets (Hi-Lo in particular) fit onto the screen without any scrolling needed to place bets on selections at either end (using 1024 * 768 recommended resolution).

It's worth noting that to support this, a user guide will be produced to explain every button and option. There are also tooltips on everything (These can be turned off), which will allow you to jump straight in with the use of mouse-hovering to find out what everything is and does ;-)

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