Data-Retriever v3.0 ('Hi/Lo') Released! 08 Jul '08

Version 3.0 of the leXso Data-Retriever is now available! Apologies to any users who haven't received a reply to emails over the last 6 months - technical difficulties with web hosting!

Click here for more information about the software, or download it to trial/update your copy.




Q: How much will the Trader-Bot cost?

A: I intend to release a FREE 'Basic' version of the Trader-Bot. I aim to include about 2/3 of the standard features that you'd normally be charged for by the many other 'Bots' out there, most of which I've been told aren't that great. This free version will have more emphasis on the trading features, but will still include a limited set of basic bot strategies to customise.

The cost of an extended version (Most likely named 'Trader-Bot Pro', or similar) has yet to be decided. This version will include the more complicated Bot-like features that I'll charge for, such as complex triggers/settings and some interesting (and unique) ideas I've been developing. It is expected that users will rent the 'Pro' software on a monthly basis, rather than 'buy it once'.

Q: Can I expect free updates? Further development?

A: Yes!, as with all software I develop you'll get free updates. This includes the 'Basic' version, which will be developed with equal enthusiasm to gain welcome feedback and suggestions from all users.

Does the software use the Betfair API?

A: Yes it does. Any changes that betfair make to the games should not affect (i.e break) the software.

When will the Trader-Bot be released?

A: Estimating (and keeping to) release dates for software is a tricky art to master! I do however aim for the free 'Trader-Bot Basic' to be released around Winter '08 ;-).

Will it be fast, stable etc ?

A: The Trader-Bot uses the same codebase as the Data-Retriever, which is stable and continues to be improved upon as I refine the code. I've ran the Data-Retriever for over a week at a time in testing (which includes extensive memory tests). The same goes for the Trader-Bot - even with the all the extra market, betting, and account data that it needs to retrieve and update the UI with, it runs nice and smoothly indeed ;-)

Will I be able to bet (and trade) below the minimum stake (£2 for UK users)

A: Betfair frowns upon this, and I by no means endorse the practice of betting below the minimum stake for the currency you use. However.... yes, you can.

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