Data-Retriever v3.0 ('Hi/Lo') Released! 08 Jul '08

Version 3.0 of the leXso Data-Retriever is now available! Apologies to any users who haven't received a reply to emails over the last 6 months - technical difficulties with web hosting!

Click here for more information about the software, or download it to trial/update your copy.





What is the leXso ‘Data-Retriever’?

The leXso Data-Retriever is a useful piece of software that allows its user to automatically record market data from the Betfair X-Hold'em and/or X-Blackjack Games (Standard and/or Turbo versions). Deciding what to record is up to you via the Preferences. It is a stand-alone program wrote in java, available to use on all OS platforms.

The software does NOT require you to be browsing the Betfair/Betfair games website at the same time!

What data can it record?

Any Combination of the following (Decided by you! - See Screenshot):

• Game ID
• Date and Time of the game’s completion (i.e. when a winner/s is declared).
• Back odds of each hand, at each stage of the game.
• Lay odds of each hand, at each stage of the game.
• The status of each hand at the end of the game (Won or lost).
• The cards dealt to every hand at Pre-flop and all subsequent community cards.

What is the format of the recorded/saved data?

This data is recorded to the Data file in either a ‘human readable’ or ‘programmatic’ form, chosen by you under the software preferences.

‘Human readable’ - provides a friendlier format that can be analysed on paper.
'Programmatic' - allows amateur or skilled programmers alike to parse and analyse the data they have collected. This format also allows you to import the data into Microsoft Excel!

By collecting such data and having this wealth of information, the user can check strategies and/or staking plans against real odds data, in their own time, without having to sit in front of the monitor and collate such information with pen and paper.

Does it work?

I have you used the leXso Data-Retriever to record over 70,000 games of Standard and Turbo X-Hold'em and 25,000 X-Blackjack. It has enabled me to check, and thankfully dismiss, a lot of unsucessful strategies without wasting money.

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