Data-Retriever v3.0 ('Hi/Lo') Released! 08 Jul '08

Version 3.0 of the leXso Data-Retriever is now available! Apologies to any users who haven't received a reply to emails over the last 6 months - technical difficulties with web hosting!

Click here for more information about the software, or download it to trial/update your copy.




Q: Is there any monthly cost?

A: No, the software is only bought once with unlimited use, there is no monthly rental.

Q: Can I expect free upgrades? Further development?

A: Yes!, you get free upgrades in the event that further development is incorporated.

Does the software use the Betfair API?

A: Yes it does. Any changes that betfair make to the games should not affect the software.

Q: Can the recorded data be imported into Microsoft Excel?

A: Yes! Make sure you have recorded your data in 'Programmatic' form. From the 'Data Filename' preferences, you can choose to record the data in .csv format, which will allow it to be opened directly into Excel. Or, if you have saved the data to a .txt file: Open MS Excel, go to 'File' > 'Open' and select 'all files' from the file-type drop-down menu. Navigate to where your copy of the software is located and select your Data .txt file. Excel's import wizard will guide you through the rest of the process. You must let Excel know the 'deliminator' used to seperate the data (default is a comma). I have uploaded screenshots of this wizard process.

Q: Why would you want to sell something like this?

A: I'm selling it because I believe the Data-Retriever can help others to avoid losing money before they've fully tested any potential strategy for the Exchange Games. Plus, I like to think my hard work developing this software, which started off for my own use, deserves to be rewarded by selling it if people are willing to pay :-)

Q: Will the software be able to record the other games??

A: It is planned that the software will be expanded to include all of the games eventually. Existing users receive these free updates when they are released.

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